Conference Program

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8:30 AM-9:30 AM Breakfast & Registration (Room 5409)


9:30 AM-11:00 AM First Session

Institution and Interpretation (Room 8301)

Moderator:  Professor Charity Scribner

              Jennifer Guyver (McGill University)

               Nina Gerschack (McGill University)

              Kai Kaululaau (University of Bristol)

               Elvira Basevich (CUNY Graduate Center)

Knowledge, Perception, and Power (Room 8304)

Moderator: Professor Monica Calabritto

Christopher Nixon (Yale University)

Asif Ali Akhtar (New School for Social Research)

Michelle Germinario (Fordham University)

Identity, Imperialism and the Internet (Room 8400)

Moderator: Professor Jerry W. Carlson

              Andrew Hernann (CUNY Graduate Center)

               Daniel Silva (Brown University)

               Victoria Browne (Marquette University)

                   David Hayden (Johns Hopkins University)

Art and Aesthetics(Room 8402)

Moderator: Professor Nico Israel

              Geoffrey Derven (California Institute of the Arts)

              Manuel Shvartzberg (California Institute of the Arts)

  • “The Descent into Obscurity: The Politics of ‘Decadent’ Aesthetics”

             Alex Wermer-Colan (CUNY Graduate Center)

15 Minute Break

11:15 AM-12:45 PM Second Session

Theory’s the Thing (Room 8301)

Moderator: Professor Richard McCoy

               Jennifer McKim (Temple University)

               Élan Reisner (Reed College)

              William W. Weber (Yale University)

Contexts, Contradictions and Cultural Criticism (Room 8304)

Moderator: Professor Morris Dickstein

                   Stephen Spencer (CUNY Brooklyn College)

               Basil Lvov (CUNY Graduate Center)

              Jeffrey M. Barnes (CUNY Graduate Center)

Shifty Subjectivities: Race, Gender, & Contingent Imagery in Popular Culture (Room 8400)

Moderator: Professor Paula J. Massood

               Dr. James Braxton Peterson (Lehigh University)

               Samina Ali (Duquesne University)

              Cynthia Estremera (Villanova University)

              Wilfredo Gomez (University of Pennsylvania)

Contracts, Convictions, and Capitalism (Room 8402)

Moderator: Professor Stanley Aronowitz

              Joshua Winchester (New York University)

              Tal Kastner (Princeton University)

               Patrick Bova (New School for Social Research)

12:45 PM-1:45 PM Lunch (On Your Own)

1:45 PM-3:15 PM Third Session

Uncertain Sights: Theories of Seeing Across Visual Media (Room 8301)

Moderator: Professor Mary Ann Caws

              Laila Pedro (CUNY Graduate Center)

              Phillip Griffith (CUNY Graduate Center)

              Tim Wilson (CUNY Graduate Center)

Indefinite Definitions (Room 8304)

Moderator: Professor Hermann W. Haller

              Katie Deutsch (Harvard University)

              Anna Williams (CUNY Graduate Center)

              Jacob Denz (New York University)

                 Jane Shmidt (CUNY Graduate Center)

Authenticity, Autobiography, and the Self (Room 8400)

Moderator: Professor Vincent Crapanzano

Diana Kole (McGill University)

Laura T. DiSumma (CUNY Graduate Center)

 Rosemary Demos (CUNY Graduate Center)

Daniel Irving (SUNY at Stony Brook)

Psychoanalysis and Signification (Room 8402)

Moderator: Professor Joshua Wilner

 James Curley-Egan (CUNY Graduate Center)

 Jennifer Wang (New School for Social Research)

Jesse Cersosimo (SUNY at New Paltz)

   Michael Mayo (Exeter College at Oxford University)

15 Minute Break

3:30 PM-5:00 PM Fourth Session

Rhyme, Reason, and Reversability (Room 8301)

Moderator: Professor John Brenkman

              Zohar Atkins (Balliol College at Oxford University)

              Frances Maughan-Brown (Boston College)

             Alice Christensen (Princeton University)

              Rebecca Ariel Porte (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

Theorizing Theory (Room 8304)

Moderator: Professor Martin Elsky

Tom Ribitzky (CUNY Graduate Center)

    Michael Lubing (CUNY Graduate Center)

              Mareike Stanitzke (Tufts University)

Stephanie Lim (California State University at Northridge)

Space, Place and the Modernist Imagination (Room 8400)

Moderator: Professor Evelyne Ender

Marios Vasiliou (University of Cyprus)

Veronica Cassidy (New School for Social Research)

Ella Mershon (University of California at Berkeley)

Daniel Nutters (Temple University)

Ethics and Ambiguous Meanings (Room 8402)

Moderator: Professor Noam Scheindlin

             Pedro A. Aguilera Mellado (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor)

              Mert Bahadir Reisoglu (New York University)

              Timothy Collins (Buffalo State College)

              David Maruzzella (New York University)

5:30 PM Keynote Talk by Dr. Martin Hägglund 

Opening Remarks: Claire Sommers (Conference Organizer)

Welcome: Dr. André Aciman (Chair, Comparative Literature Department)

“Dying for Time: T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets” Dr. Martin Hägglund (Harvard University)

Closing Remarks: Conference Organizing Committee

Reception to follow Keynote Talk (Room 5409)


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